Tuesday , 21-May-2024 , 03:14:36 AM

As already mentioned, the stake holders of the Sericulture industry mostly belong to SC/ST/Minority and other economically marginalized sections of the society. As such the focus of this Directorate was hitherto mainly accentuated on technology dissemination among the beneficiaries keeping in view the economic upliftment of these poor Sericulturists. But now we are now contemplating to broaden our supportive activities ‘beyond’ the arena of Sericulture through some conscious and sincere efforts to harness the social facets of this industry. Introduction/implementation of the following Schemes denotes some modest efforts of this Directorate to affirm the social entity of this small, marginal and weaker section of the society:

  • Under the Scheme entitled ‘Old Age Pension to Sericulturists’, it has been thought to provide pension initially to 2000 Sericulturists @ Rs. 750 per month in the current financial year who cannot continue Sericulture activities any longer because of their old age and are not economically affluent to sustain their livelihood. The proposed scheme envisages to provide some sort of succor to these poor & infirm Sericulturists with due recognition to their artisanship.
  • As a pioneering endeavour Kissan Credit Cards are being distributed among the Seri culturists with effect from last year, 2011-12. Malda being the largest sericulture practicing District has sponsored 523 cases to different nationalized / rural banks against which 25 cases are sanctioned.
  • The Directorate has started introducing Provident Fund facility for the Sericulturists under SASPFUW (State assisted scheme of Provident Fund for unorganized workers) Scheme of Labour Department, Govt. of West Bengal to provide further succor to the poor Sericulturists of the State. Malda has recorded a remarkable performance by sponsoring 328 nos of individual cases, all of which got sanctioned during last year itself.
  • Intensification of the activities under Health Insurance Scheme which has been continuing for the last couple of years in collaboration of ICICI-LOMBARD with the objective of bringing more Sericulturists under coverage of the Scheme