Tuesday , 21-March-2023 , 06:53:12 AM
  • Availability of cheap and skilled manpower and the long tradition of sericulture in the state provide excellent investment opportunities in the form of “soil to silk” approach.
  • West Bengal sericulture is in dire need of a disease tolerant, climate specific and at the same time highly productive silkworm races like the ones existing in South China. Import of such races from South China or any kind of collaboration with them for evolution of such races in this state will not only boost up the productivity and product quality in the pre cocoon sector but also go a long way in developing the ill developed post cocoon and weaving sectors in the state.
  • Availability of plenty of fallow and semi arid land for boosting the production of Vanya silk by upgrading the local private people who are practicing this environment friendly avocation for centuries. Any investor may come forward to explore the possibility of Tasar silk which has high demand in the domestic market as well as in the international market for its ethnic colour and quality.
  • In the Northern part of the state, i.e. in the districts of Coochbehar & Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling, serious efforts have been put forth for augmentation of Muga and Eri host plantation and its rearing. This sector may be tied up with industrial network to make further value addition.
  • The Post cocoon sector in the state is still under developed. Investment may be thought of for installation of more number of labour saving, environment friendly and drudgery free improved reeling machines for production of quality yarn. Investment may also be thought of for product diversification and loom upgradation in silk weaving sector. Use of vegetable dye, application of wrinkle free ingredients to finished fabrics to make it more supple, development of design through use of various colours etc. are some of hitherto unexplored areas which can be effectively tapped.