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General Mandate Of Directorate Of Textiles (Sericulture)

  • Extension programme under mulberry and non-mulberry.
  • Supply of high yielding planting materials and Silk worm seed at subsidized rates
  • Support for construction/remodelling of rearing house, procurement of rearing implements, disinfectants, plantation inputs etc.
  • Promotion and strengthening of post cocoon technology sector
  • Providing marketing, institutional & infrastructural support.
  • Crop Insurance support including personal accident coverage.
  • Organizing various training programme, workshops etc for transfer of technology at farmers’ level.

SWOT Analysis of Sericulture Industry inWest Bengal

Strength & Opportunities:

1.   Long legacy of silk worm rearing in the state with impeccable skill and expertise of silk worm rearers

2.   Leaf productivity is above national average because of fertile Gangetic alluvial soil

3.   Presence of a strong domestic market because of the affordable price of the finished products

4.   Scope for product diversification and design development, particularly in non-mulberry sector

Weakness & Threat:

1.   Lack of region/ season specific silk worm race suitable for West Bengal condition

2.   Small land holding and poor socio-economic condition of the beneficiaries

3.   Extreme climatic condition

4.   Post cocoon sector i.e. silk reeling, spinning is under developed

5.   Ill developed power loom sector

6.   Stiff competition with smuggled Chinese silk