Tuesday , 21-March-2023 , 07:42:19 AM

The basic objective of all the Schemes under Sericulture sector aims at making an enhancement in the productivity, quality along with sustainability in sericulture industry and reduction in poverty through systematic and meaningful approaches. Programme monitoring which acts as a steering tool, is carried out at Zonal/District level by the concerned Zonal/District Officers on a regular basis. Besides, monthly meetings are organized at the Headquarters level once in every month to make continuous assessment and review progress of different schemes being implemented in various districts of the state and suitable course of action is proposed to achieve the objectives accordingly.

With the installation of IT Network namely Integrated Works Management System at the Zonal and District Offices along with the HQs. of DOT(S)-WB, several Modules dealing with the preparation of Data Bank for generation of different reports on Technical matters, Baseline Survey of beneficiaries etc have been developed which has made the process of monitoring and evaluation of different Schemes much faster and easier. It is thus expected that upon completion of the entire Project on IT installation down to the grass root level, issues like Monitoring and Management could be addressed on with more efficacy and efficiency through intensive involvement of TSC Official.